A blog and podcast about living in a van, American travel, American history, movement for the sake of motion and just generally getting out and doing interesting things.

As the title says I have no apparent reason for this trip. But I don’t think one is needed. It’s a lot more fun than what I would be doing if I were staying put and that’s enough of a reason for me.

“The less of routine, the more of life. ” – A. B. Alcott

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19 Responses to “About”

Tonya campos wrote a comment on December 19, 2007

I am anxiously awaiting your next entry. I have been reading along with your trip and can’t wait to hear more!

kfink wrote a comment on January 3, 2008

Hello, former-Sound-Intern buddy. Hope this finds you well. Am enjoying the posts & pics. Inspiring. Have a great ’08 and talk soon. – Kevin

Whitney Browne wrote a comment on January 8, 2008

I am the youngest Browne you met outside of Oatman late November. You have a really great site with good writing, images, and general appeal to keep reading.
If you are ever in the Big Apple, feel free to contact my sister and I.

Ashley and Whitney Browne

Safe travels



Jessica wrote a comment on January 17, 2008

Thanks for the note. I took down your phone number and then deleted it from the site. I’m not sure when I’ll make it out there. I’ve got some stuff happening on the west coast in May that I want to stick around for and I don’t know that I want to do in a van up there. :) But I’ll definitely let you know when I’m there. Thanks for reading!

Claudia wrote a comment on February 9, 2008

Hi Jess! I see that you’re back from New Zealand…and it sounds like the rest of your trip was great. Glad to hear it! Hopefully my pictures made it to you – will enjoy seeing yours when you post them. I agree that guides make traveling a whole different experience. My two weeks in Australia were spent solo and I loved it! However, the next 8 days meeting Kat & Richard, and the whole TUI gang were excellent too. The guides certainly provided much appreciated insider information.

If your year-in-a-car takes you on the road to NY, you’ll let me know!


Denise wrote a comment on March 5, 2008

Ji Jess

Great to see your pictures. I think I’ll get them posted on my website, if that’s OK with you, along with some of mine. How’s the van doing? Probably a little more sedentary than New Zealand! I wish you happy trails, new adventures and peace be with you.


Francis Tapon wrote a comment on March 17, 2008

Jessica: Congrats on having the boldness to journey out there! Thank you for inspiring others to get out of their comfort zone and go wander!

-Francis Tapon

Karen McDonough wrote a comment on December 28, 2008

Greetings friend. I’ve been catching up on your blog. I loved Kauai when I was there and this year we spent a week on the island Hawaii. Have I heard correctly that you are not returning to run the KJAZZ fundraiser? I would be lost without you…..

Sounds like you are a having a fabulous time..Greet your parents for me if they are still with you.

Jessica wrote a comment on December 28, 2008

Hi Karen, Never fear, I’ll be there in January no question about it. Hawaii’s pretty cool, but I won’t be missing my plane back to the mainland.

How is everything going? Been to any musicals lately?

Laura Burke wrote a comment on December 29, 2008

Hey Jessica!
(we met at the sushi bar at Kintaro on Kauai) – just wanted to check out your website – your pictures are awesome!
If you are ever in Central PA, look us up!
Hope the rest of your time in Hawaii was wonderful. I’ll keep following your travels!
-Laura Burke

Jessica wrote a comment on January 5, 2009

Hi Laura, Thanks for checking out the website! It was great fun to talk to you to at Kintaro (I went back a couple days later before I left Kauai so I could order the Hanalei for myself). Thanks for the I (hear) Mr. Sushi suggestion for St. Louis. One day I’ll make it out there. Sometime I want to trace the Lewis and Clark Trail. Let me know if you’re ever in Los Angeles. There’s a 50% chance I’ll be there too.

Brittany wrote a comment on March 22, 2010


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Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


Ally Beech wrote a comment on April 3, 2010

Hey Jess

Was wondering if you could give me some advice re: driving around america?

I am from australia and coming out there mid this year for a road trip.
Excited but bit uninformed about what driving in america is like.
Would really appreciate your expert opinion.


Jessica wrote a comment on July 15, 2010

Hi Ally,

I’m way behind in responding to comments, but I hope you get this. What sort of questions do you have about driving around the US? Usually my main tip is to remind people that the US is REALLY big and how ever long you think it will take to get somewhere it will actually take longer. Being from Australia though, you may already understand that.

Anyway, let me know what sorts of questions you have. Maybe it’s close enough now that you already have sort of an idea where you’re going and I can give some suggestions for things to visit nearby or between other places.


teresa wrote a comment on January 27, 2013

what is the year, make and model of the car you are living in ??

I am toying with the idea of living in my car as well, in order to pay off credit card debt.


Jessica wrote a comment on April 7, 2013

Hi Teresa,

It is a 2007 Toyota Prius. Good luck!

Katie wrote a comment on August 10, 2015

Hi Jessica,
I am another girl from Australia and wondering if you had any advice for van-dwelling and road-tripping in america which I am planning to do in a year or so. How old were you when you first decided to take up this life-style? Did you have insurance of any kind? And what were some of the safest places to stay at night?
I know there haven’t been posts for a while, but it would be great if you could see this:)
-Thanks just another van-dweller-to-be, Katie

Jessica wrote a comment on August 10, 2015

Hi Katie,

Yup. I still check these sometime. That sounds like a fantastic trip. I started this adventure when I was 26, though I had been thinking about it for a year or two before that. About halfway through my 5 years on the road I got catastrophic health insurance (cheap premiums and high deductible), which worked out well for me.

I wrote an article for the Indie Travel Podcast about finding places to park. Here’s the link: http://indietravelpodcast.com/vandwelling/so-where-do-you-park/

Good luck on your trip! Let me know if you come out to Seattle, Washington.

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