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Tatted skirt

 | July 29, 2008 11:20 am

Has nothing to do with travel, but I’m going to post about it anyway.  Well, actually since it’s what I worked on when I was sitting Yellowstone waiting for the geysers to go off I suppose it’s slightly related.

At any rate, here’s pictures of the skirt I just finished sewing tatting on to.  Still haven’t actually worn it though.  As you can see, it’s a bit wrinkled and could probably use a washing.

The front:


The back (There is another strip on the right.  It’s hard to see because it’s red):


Close up of the design:


Close up of the pattern for the tatters who want to see how it’s made:


I think the pattern came from the web.  I’ll have to look through my printouts and figure out where I got it.  I liked that pattern a lot and think it’s the one I’ll modify for a tablecloth.

Not very exciting for the non-crafters out there, but since I figure it took me about 70 hours for the whole project I’m happy to have finally finished it.

 | July 28, 2008 5:58 pm

New article up at the Indie Travel Podcast Website.  Not about living in a car this time, but does tell you a bit about hanging out in Yellowstone.

I’ve decided to skip Glacier since I spent so much time in Yellowstone and I don’t want to rush though it or the drive south afterwards.  I have a friend who’s moving to Vegas in about a week so I’ll be hanging out with her soon.  This is that strange transition period when I’m not back in LA yet, but I’m already getting back to work.  Ahh the joys of the internet.

West Yellowstone

 | July 21, 2008 4:57 pm

yellowstone-for-indie1.jpgAnother day in front of the computer and I still haven’t gotten around to updating here.  Spent today in West Yellowstone writing another article for the Indie Travel Podcast Website, (I’ll put a link up when it goes live), and getting some other things done on the web.  Not very exciting to read about, I’m afraid.

But Yellowstone has been awesome.  As my article will describe I’ve been completely taken by the geyser area.  Been spending the last 5 days exploring the area, watching geysers, and (the most fun of all), waiting for the geysers to erupt while talking to the people around me and working on sewing a bunch of tatting on to my skirt.  I’m almost done with the skirt and will post pictures when I do finish it.  I figured it out the other day and I think there’ll be about 70 hours into it when I’m done.

I’m rather enjoying working on the absurdly large and tedious projects.  I have plans to start two tablecloths soon one of which will be at least a hundred hours and the other a couple hundred.

But here I am rambling on about tatting and you’re more curious about the travel.  Unfortunately as much fun as I’m having here in Yellowstone it’s not the sort of fun that really translates to the (web)page.  Mostly a lot of sitting around waiting for geysers to erupt.  What’s made it fun is all the great people I’ve met from all over the country (and world, got to practice my Japanese the other night).  Been getting lots of suggestions for places to check out while I’m traveling as well, and hopefully those people will come and leave comments here, because of course, I haven’t been writing them down and have probably forgotten a bunch already.

(The picture, by the way, is Castle Geyser.)

Vandwelling page updated

 | July 13, 2008 2:44 pm

chipmuck-outside-of-rocky-np.jpgI’ve updated the vandwelling page of the site to reflex the fact that I’m now living in a car. The page about modifying the van is still there, you just have to click an extra link to see it. Unfortunately this is about all I’ve accomplished for the website while spending today at the Jackson Hole library.

Thinking that it was due on the second Monday of the month and not the third I spent most of the day writing my next article for the Indie Travel Podcast website.  So I didn’t get to all the other stuff I’d wanted to, (including sorting through all the pictures I’ve taken over the last couple weeks).  I have only this one pictures for you now because the library is going to close soon and I’m getting hungry for dinner.

Before heading into Rocky Mountain National Park I stopped at a turn out to get a picture of the road and the mountains.  There were chipmucks everywhere!  They were there, of course, because people were feeding them absurd amounts of snacks.  (I was surprised that the chipmucks rejected outright all the processed foods like chips and Cheetios and would only eat nuts and seeds).  So I ended up spending at least an hour and a half there playing around with my new camera and snapping pictures of the chipmucks.

Yet another reminder to stop whenever you get the chance.  You never know what you’ll find.

Fun facts about money

 | July 11, 2008 7:37 pm

Here’s your fun facts for the day, which I learned while touring the US Mint in Denver.  (Forgot to mention them earlier).  US penny costs 1.7 cents to manufacture and the nickel costs 10.  There’s currently a bill in congress to switch both to steel which will cut down on the costs.  Interestingly the US government pays the mint face value for the coins, so while the mint loses money on the pennies and nickels, they’re more than making up for it on the quarters and dollar coins.  (There’s going to be a series of presidential dollar coins coming out soon as well).

For along time I have been wishing we would get rid of the penny.  Australia and New Zealand have both done it and are somehow managing quite well (actually New Zealand has gotten rid of their 5 cent piece as well, the smallest denomination is the 10 cent piece).  Unfortunately, there’s soon to be four new designs for the back of the penny coming out in honor of Lincoln’s 200th birthday so it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting rid of it anytime soon.

One more thing.  The rim on coins?  It’s there for two reasons.  First is to keep the coin from wearing out so quickly and secondly to make it possible to stack coins.

The tour guide also mentioned the average lifetime for a coin.  I think it was twenty years, but don’t quote me on that.

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