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New article on the Indie Travel Podcast website

 | October 29, 2008 7:04 am

I have a new article up on the Indie Travel Podcast website.  I talk about “My Maps” on Google Maps which is a great way to keep track of travel suggestions.  Here’s the first two paragraphs:

Today I want to devote my article to a single resource. The ““My Maps” section of Google Maps is a valuable resource for planning and sharing trip details with friends and family – you create markers on a map and you can add pictures and details to personalise it further. You can even choose different icons to use as markers for different types of location.

As nice as it is to have a map to imbed on a blog that shows where you’ve been, I prefer to use Google’s My Maps for pre-trip planning, by storing information about places I’d like to visit all over the US and Canada. I used to have data everywhere: boxes of scraps of paper, articles ripped out of magazines, links stored in emails I sent to myself after finding out about an interesting place online.

To read more, check out the article on the Indie Travel Podcast Website.  I also take advantage of the ITP audience to hit them up for suggestions for places to visit in Hawaii (I have to admit that this was the main reason I choose to write this particular story now rather than save it for later).  I’m pleased to see that I’ve already gotten some suggestions.  Now I’ve just got to go through and add all these to the map.

The Indie Travel Podcast has also been nominated for a podcaster’s award.  You can vote for it (and other great podcasts in other catagories), once a day, every day.

New faq page added.

 | October 28, 2008 12:15 am

I’ve added a new sub-page to the vandwelling page for frequently asked questions.  The current list of questions comes from some of emails I’ve gotten in the last couple days.  If you have any questions please send me an email to jessica (at) ayearinacar (dot) come.  I’ll love to expand the page.

That being said the one question I get more than any other is about showering, so I’ve written an entire post about it. Also common is questions about good places to park.  For that one I’ll refer you to an article I wrote for the Indie Travel Podcast website.

Hope that some of these pages help answer some questions!

If I’m basically unemployed again, why am I so busy?

 | October 20, 2008 8:06 am

Now that the pledge drive is pretty much over (I have a couple more days worth of stuff to finish up) I’ve been putting off posting here because I’ve been waiting to do something worth posting about.

Don’t think it’s going to happen for the next couple weeks.

I’m down in San Diego which is going to be my home base for the next four weeks or so before I head out to Hawaii for two months. (No the car is not going with me). Between now and then I’ll mostly be finishing up work, packing and planning for Hawaii, working on a couple projects (including the website), hanging out with some friends, and a whole lot of cleaning and reading of books so I can get rid of them.

That’s basically what I’ve been up to the last two weeks and pretty much all I’ll be up to for the next month

I do have an article up on the Indie Travel Podcast website that I haven’t mentioned here, and I’d better mention it soon since I have another one going up later this week. The current one is about starting up conversations with people on the road. I’d love for you guys to read it and leave comments with the ways you start conversations with people.

You may have noticed that I’ve also added a page about tatting. Eventually I’d like to set-up a better page, but this is a start.

I don’t really know what to go and see/do in Hawaii. I bought the plane ticket because I had an airline voucher I needed to use before it expired and the ticket to Hawaii was just the right price as to be practically free. I’ll be going to Oahu, Kauai, the Big Island for sure, possibly to Maui, and anywhere else that’s recommended as well. I have two months, so plenty of time to see a lot.

More Press for Car/Van-dwelling

 | October 5, 2008 5:42 pm

I’ve been contacted by Nick Rosen to talk to him about a book he’s writing about living off-grid in America. An interesting idea, since I don’t know that I’d necessarily consider myself as living off-grid.

At any rate he’ll be in the US later this month and is looking for other people to talk to about their experiences. here’s the paragraph he wrote for me to put up here:

Nick Rosen of the Off-Grid website is in the process of writing his book “Off-Grid America”.” He will be in California through October and New York State through November and he is looking for car-dwellers, van-dwellers, in fact any sort of off-gridders who have a story to tell – most of all, what are your reasons for living off-grid, and what do you especially like (or dislike) about it? Do you have a particular philosophy of off-grid living? Where do you live off-grid? How do you live off-grid: on a homestead, in a cabin, in the city, or on wheels or water? Have you adopted all the technical advantages of renewable energy, or do you live the way people lived before there was a grid, or is it something in-between? He’d like to know what obstacles and challenges you’ve encountered along the way. Tell your reasons, your means and ways, to Nick for his new book “Off-grid America.” Contact Nick at nick (at) or 877-706-7423.

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