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 | December 22, 2008 2:30 pm

I don’t know the name of this valley, we passed it driving back from the Waimea Canyon the other day. It was a bit cloudy all day and started to rain right before we left, but I still a great time playing around with my camera.


I’ve finally gotten around to starting to go through some of the pictures I’ve been taking here in Hawaii, so you can be expecting to see some more here soon.  You may have also noticed that I’ve also finally found a picture to replace the generic header that came with this wordpress theme.  That’s a picture of the shadow of our tour van as we went up the Mauna Kea on the big island to visit the observatories.

New(ish) Artcle up at the Indie Travel Podcast website

 | December 10, 2008 11:48 am

I’ll have my laptop back in a few days so I’ll probably be posting something more then (but no promises. I am hanging out in Hawaii, afterall.) Since I have a few more minutes on the computer at the hostel in Kona after booking my flight to Kauai I do want to mention that I have a new article up a the Indie Travel Podcast Website. It actually went live a few weeks ago, but everytime I’ve tried to post here on my cell phone it doesn’t work and I don’t have the patience to deal with that (I am hanging out in Hawaii, afterall.)

The article is a quick run down of what I think are the most important things to do to modify a car for living out of. These are only the basics (I only get 800 words an article), and can be done in one weekend or less. They mostly deal with privacy issues. I’m thinking that for the next article I’ll do a run-down of what you might want to add in the next weekend to make it more comfortable. What do you guys suggest? A cooler? An inverter to charge electronics? A hotplate? What modifications or items have you found most useful?

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