And here I thought July was going to be a slow month…

 | July 29, 2009 3:36 pm

I can’t believe July is almost over.  I’ve been in Yuma, AZ the last three weeks (business stuff, long story) and I thought I’d have some time while I was here to get caught up on some projects.  Some progress has been made, but not all in the direction I expected.

I think if I had made a list of “things to do” at the beginning of July and compared now it to a list of “things done” at the end there would be only a few things that overlapped.  Feel like I’ve been amazingly productive for as few things as I’ve actually gotten crossed off my list.  Ahh well.  At least I already know what I be working on in August.

I’ve been living in an apartment here in Yuma for the last couple weeks.  It has been nice to spread out a bit.  I’ve only brought the stuff that’s normally in my car with me, but I’m amazed at how much floor space it takes up.  I really do pack up the little Prius tight!  Astounding how much I manage to get into the car comfortably.

I should spend some time reflecting on living in an apartment (however briefly) as opposed to a car, but I can’t think of anything philosophical about it at the moment.  It’s different.  Some things are better about living in an apartment, some things are better about living in a car.  The weather, however, makes the apartment a necessity while in Yuma.  112 degrees is not uncommon right now. Even walking outside at night feels like an oven.  The only plus is that there’s very little humidity and almost always a breeze.  If you can get some shade and don’t have to move at all it’s not too bad.  I’m very happy with the AC, though starting to get a bit stir crazy.  I’m craving the chance to go for a walk, but it’s just not going to happen here in Yuma for a while.

Lucky for me then that I’m leaving tomorrow for a little while.  I head up to Vegas where a friend and I will be roadtripping up to Reno, NV for their big street festival “Hot August Nights”.  I know very little about it.  Another friend will be meeting us there and we’ll spend a couple days before Friend #1 and I head back down to Vegas.  After that I’ll go to LA for a few days work at KJAZZ and then head back to Yuma for a week, THEN back to LA again for about a month and a half. Will be both good and strange to get back on the road for a short trip to Reno like this.  Looking forward to it though. I expect August and September to both be quite busy.  I need to map out everything on a calendar.  I’m starting to get confused about where I’m going to be when.  :)

Any Reno/Tahoe suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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4 Responses to “And here I thought July was going to be a slow month…”

Van wrote a comment on October 10, 2009

Thanks for showing the world how one can live out of a mini sedan (Prius). It’s not as revolutionary as living on Mars in a swimsuit, but it’s by far greener and simpler. I’ve been looking into different travel options for long distance trips. Staying in hotels every night would bankrupt me rather abruptly. I checked into RV’s — found them to be too cumbersome for me. Talk about dragging along a dead whale. I looked into tent camping — certainly a viable option, until campgrounds started raising rates to $30/night. In the future when I travel across America, I’m going to sleep in my car or van primarily.

On a different note, I agree with you that slowing down while traveling is a good thing. Use the time to reflect and to learn more about yourself. Travel can clear the mind, but only temporarily. Daily introspection and reflection are needed. Good luck and safe travels!

Karen wrote a comment on October 23, 2009

I’ve talked to you the last two years in April at Shuttlebirds and enjoy following you in your travels. However, I’m missing reading of your most recent adventures. I hope you’re not overworking yourself and to busy, but that’s better than not being well. Miss you.
PS Hope we both get to make it to Spokane next year. You’re a talented tatter.

Anonymous wrote a comment on November 12, 2009

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the note. Don’t worry. I’m doing well. It’s just been a mix of being really busy and not having anything in particular to say about living in a car. Still enjoying it, but I guess the novelty has worn off. :) Fill like I’ve said most of it already.

Thanks for the concern. Like I said, I’ve been busy, but it’s been good things. Just a bunch of friends in town to help celebrate my birthday and now I’m heading to NC for a conference.

I’ll actually be teaching at the tatting conference this year. Looking forward to it. Will you be there?

Jessica wrote a comment on November 12, 2009

Hi “Van”,

You’ve gone through exactly the same logic as I did when considering the idea of living in a car. I just hate spending so much money on accommodations when I’m going to be unconscious and won’t appreciate them. I’d rather spend the money on the waking hours, or better yet, just be able to travel longer.

Good luck on your travels!

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