| July 2, 2008 7:03 pm

Got my x-rays done this morning.  The wrist has been declared to be a sprain and not a break.  So now I have a (much smaller) brace and am another couple hundred dollars poorer.  I also bought a new helmet today (exactly the same as last time) so at least I’m done spending money on that accident.

Spent the day in Boulder, Colorado which is a very nice town.  Thanks Adam for the suggestion of Big City Burritos.  I went there for lunch and then since I stopped later in the same shopping center for my helmet went there again for dinner to try the potato burrito.  Very tasty.  I’m still quite attached to the rice at Chipotle, but I’d say that everything else at Big City was at least as good or better.

In between lunch and dinner at Big City Burritos I went to the Redstone Meadery and had a nice little tour and tasting.  They said there were about 100 companies in the US making mead.  I may have to set aside an hour or so sometime to do a bit of internet searching and put some of the others on my map of places to go while touring around the country.

Sitting at the ugent care facility waiting for the doctor to see me took up most of the rest of the day so I still have one or two things I want to see in Boulder before heading out to Rocky Mountain National Park.

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5 Responses to “Boulder”

Molly wrote a comment on July 3, 2008

Glad to hear it’s sprained and not broken!

jack wrote a comment on July 3, 2008

Hey, it could have been worse. So long as you are good to go, then this is just a little bump in the road of adventure.

Take care,


BTW, know that you have a place to crash in DC if you are coming this way.

Elizabeth wrote a comment on July 8, 2008

What Molly said. ;-)

jessica wrote a comment on July 10, 2008

You mean that pretty townhouse I’ve read so much about? Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind, though you may regret the offer when I finally make it out there I plan on spending a lot of time in DC.

jack wrote a comment on July 10, 2008

Just give me some dates. So long as it’s before its sold, mi casa es su casa.

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