But I did get some cool pictures out of it.

 | August 4, 2008 9:37 pm

edna-lee-out-of-gas.jpgI’ve made it to Las Vegas where I’ll be for the next week visiting with a friend, starting up work again, and (next weekend) attending the New Media Expo.

This means that I’ll finally get all the pictures I’ve been taking sorted through and the good ones posted here. For now though I have a couple pictures I took earlier this evening while waiting for the AAA guy to come bring me some gas because I’d run out on Highway 93 in Nevada. Yes, that’s right, my little Prius ran out of gas.

In my defense I don’t think that’s completely true. According to the odometer I should have been able to make it another 80 miles or so. I should have had another 2 gallons left. I think it must have been that the gas was so low that for some reason it wasn’t getting to the engine. I don’t know what the outtake set up is on the gas tank, but that’s my current theory.

highway-93.jpgAt any rate, I got stuck on the side of the highway and luckily had cell phone reception and a free trial version of the AAA “Plus” membership that includes a couple (in this case 5) gallons of gas brought out to you if you’re a dumbass and didn’t fill up in the last gas station for the next 90 miles.

The second picture should give you a good idea of exactly where in the middle of nowhere I was. It was empty pretty much the entire 90 miles between Ash Springs and Vegas. While talking to the dispatcher I had to walk about ten minutes to find a marker that would give a good idea of where I was. Even after walking that far I didn’t actually make it to a sign (though I could see one way off in the distance) but someone pulled over and was able to give me directions to pass on.

So I ate my dinner and took pictures, and now I’ve learned my lesson. Don’t try to go more than 450 miles on one tank even if I technically should have enough gas to do it. Here is my favorite picture of the evening:


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7 Responses to “But I did get some cool pictures out of it.”

Molly wrote a comment on August 5, 2008

Ben and I always tried to have at least a half tank of gas whenever we were driving through that type of scenery. ‘Cause you never know when you want to wander off the beaten path at a moment’s notice and running out of gas sucks.

How big is your tank? I regularly get 400 mi on a tank and usually more like 450 mi if I let the gas light go on. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten 500 mi (but at least once it’s been close then I chickened out and bought gas).

Molly wrote a comment on August 5, 2008

Oh yeah, and those pictures are beautiful. :-)

Craig wrote a comment on August 5, 2008

I’d love to be at the expo! Make sure you take some notes for me :P

EconProf wrote a comment on August 5, 2008

What was the temperature?

Jessica wrote a comment on August 5, 2008

Molly, It’s a 12 gallon tank (technically 11.9) and I’d been getting an average of slightly better than 46 mpg, so I should have been able to make it 550 on the tank, but it died on me when I was at 464 miles. It beeped at me about 5-10 minutes before I ran out, but in the past when it’s done that I’ve gone and filled up and only been able to put a bit more than 9 gallons into it, meaning that I should have another 3 gallons and at least 120 miles.

So when the car beeped at me I sort of yelled at her saying I didn’t believe her anymore and then she died on me.

It occurred to me today that they sell a lower octane gas up in Montana and Idaho but if that was the problem the average mpg it was showing should have been lower.

I may get myself a gas canister and let myself run out of gas a couple more times so I know when to actually expect it to happen. I suppose it’s possible that it’s just a poorly designed tank and I can’t actually get to those last two gallons, but it seems like Toyota would have thought of that.

EconProf, The temperature was hot though not into triple digits. Are you suggesting I lost gas to evaporation? Seems like rather a lot to lose.

The upside of it all is that AAA did pay for $22 worth of gas that since this was a free trial of the special “plus” membership I never had to pay extra to them for. This trail membership expires on the 27th, so the timing actually worked out perfectly.

jack wrote a comment on August 6, 2008

All beautiful. Maybe you were meant to run out of gas…we are now enjoying your pics and now you know something new about the prius!

Take care,


Jessica wrote a comment on August 6, 2008

Hi Jack,

Exactly. Caused a bit of embarrassment, but no harm and I do really love that third picture. Might have gotten some more except the guy pulled up right as the sun was setting and I took that one. Wish he’d taken about ten more minutes.

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