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Catch-up post covering April and May

 | July 13, 2009 2:34 pm

My favorite picture from this trip. Taken in Point Reyes National Seashore.

Despite the fact that we’re now halfway into July, and plenty has happened since my last roadtrip in April and May I wanted to go back and post about it.

This trip felt a bit more choppy than the other ones I’ve taken.  I think because I tended to travel in big spurts and then stay put for a while. I had a hard time seeing the trip as a while.  Actually, that seems true for my whole life in general at the moment and I think that’s part of why I haven’t been posting.  I wanted to work it out in my own mind first so this journal wouldn’t be too all over the place.  Well, that and also I was lazy on the road, then sick and then busy with work.  Now I’ve finally got the perspective, health and time to write it up.

So here’s a quick run down on the April/May trip.  I want to come back and write more about each part separately, but at least this is a start.

I worked my way up to the Bay area along Highway 101 which roughly follows the second half of the de Anza Trail.  Spent a few days visiting with college friends and then on to Point Reyes National Seashore (still one of my favorite spots in the US). I volunteered at The California Artisan Cheese Festival in Marin Country and had a very fun there weekend and then I spent a few days in Sacrament researching the Pony Express.

I zoomed up to Portland to visit with two new friends I met in Hawaii in January, and explore the end of  the Lewis and Clark Trail.  Then had about two weeks in Seattle visiting with more old college friends and another new friend from Hawaii.  I broke up those two weeks with a trip up to Vancouver during the week while they were busy with jobs.  Then I headed out to Spokane for the Shuttlebirds tatting conference.  More great fun was had visiting after which I made my way out to Missoula and then started up to Glacier National Park.


Glacier National Park

This is where things took a turn for the worse.  I got sick with stomach pains and spent a day in bed in the Walmart parking lot in Kalipsell, MT trying to move and eat as little as possible since both seemed to turn the dull pains into sharp pains.  This day in the Walmart parking lot was only about half as much fun as it sounds.  I tried to sleep through as much of it as possible.
the next morning my stomach still hurt, but I could walk around better so I continued up to Glacier where I discovered it probably would have been a good idea to have done a bit of research while still in Missoula since everything was still mostly closed for the winter.  I was about three weeks too early to travel the Going to the Sun Road.  So I took some photographs, sat by the lake and wondered if I should be concerned that the pains were coming back, (though still not as bad as the day before).

Later that evening I had a ridiculously long and heated internal debate between heading over the pass to Great Falls (Lewis and Clark trail) or making my way back toward highway 15 the way I came.  Concerned the pain might be something serious I decided it would be a good idea not to be in the middle of nowhere if I needed to have my appendix or gallbladder removed.   I gave up on this side trip to explore Montana and started heading south.

The ultimate goal was Las Vegas where I could stay with a friend and I pretty much drove straight down there, which meant skipping all the rest of the exploring of the Lewis & Clark and the Nez Perce Trails in Montana and stopping in Salt Lake City to check out all the trails that went through there (the California, Oregon, Pony Express and Morman Trails).

I probably could have stopped in Salt Lake City, since by the time it took me to get down there I was feeling better.  At that point I was so sick of driving I just wanted to keep going and get most of it over.  I wanted to get down to Las Vegas where I could hang out with Roberta and know that I was only a few hours behind the wheel away from Los Angeles.  Besides, I hadn’t contacted or arranged anything with the people I wanted to interview about the trails.  So I kept driving.  1100 miles in less than 3 days.  Way too many.


Berta about to start her riding lesson.

I spent the next week at Roberta’s starting work on the next pledge drive while she was at school (high school bio teacher) and hanging out with her in the evenings.  I was feeling pretty much completely better in time for our college reunion in the next weekend.  More fun was had hanging out on campus and I started up again at work in Los Angeles on Monday.
The postscript is that on Tuesday the pain came back (with lots nausea this time).  I moved the general check up I had scheduled for Friday to Wednesday and headed down to San Diego.  I’ll spare you the details, but the next two weeks were a long boring story of intermittent stomach pain, nausea and vomiting, doctors visits and blood tests, but it all came to nothing.  I feel fine now and the last round of tests came back completely normal.  Current theory is some sort of infection.  I think it’s gone for good this time, but it certainly complicated my schedule trying to get ready for the next pledge drive (starts this Wednesday!)  I so rarely get sick that when I do it completely throws me off.  Having a doctor in San Diego while trying to work in Los Angeles didn’t help much either.

There’s the run-through!  I have a lot more free-time this month and semi-regular internet access so there’ll be more to come, including pictures of the coolest wedding cake ever!

Curtains installed already!

 | June 20, 2009 7:42 pm

I have a friend in the bay area who is selling his volvo station wagon on ebay.  267K.  Already been outfitted for living in.   Read the description carefully, there’s some drawbacks, but maybe it’s just what you were looking for in a new home.

Self-powered Travel in the US article

 | June 2, 2009 8:36 pm

img_5567.jpgMy most recent article for the Indie Travel Podcast is a VERY quick run through of some idea and resources for self-powered travel in the US.  Hiking, biking and Kayaking.  Would love for other people to post their suggestions in the comments.

Pictures from Spring 2009 Road Trip.

 | May 31, 2009 8:36 pm

A few pictures from my last road trip!  I’ve got some free prints with Shutterfly so I just spent the evening getting these (and a few from Hawaii) ready for printing.

Yeah, I’ll come back and explain them over the next couple days, (afterall, I did write an article about doing that a while back for the Indie Travel Podcast) but I figured this was a nice quick way to get back into posting. We’re in the middle of the Summer Pledge Drive here at KJAZZ so things are busy. But sometimes it’s when I’m busiest that I manage to actually do the most posting.

If anyone can tell me how to rotate the vertical pictures in WordPress that would be much appreciated.  They open correctly in every other program.

Not as planned.

 | January 3, 2009 10:40 pm

Today, a surfing move that didn’t go quite as planned.




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