| February 5, 2008 11:16 pm

…from a computer, at least. If all goes well I’ll be posting this from the van on my new (to me) Treo. No pictures, no links, and possibily more typos, but having access to the internet anywhere I can get a Sprint signal will make some things much easier on the road. No more searching for a library or dragging my computer in to a coffee shop just to check my email. I suspect it will be just about the perfect balance between handy-ness (handiness?) and awkwardness. Handy enough to be useful, awkward enough to be non-adictive.

I also suspect I’ll find the GoogleMaps application quite useful too. A great big thank you goes out to my friend Colin for selling his old Treo to me and helping me get set up on the employee plan with unlimited data.

Today was my first day back in the office at KJAZZ. Have I mentioned how much I love this place? It’s not a job I’ll have forever, and I probably wouldn’t like if it were year round, but it sure is a lot of fun. I think I enjoy the project nature of the job. Tons of random different things to stay on top of to get ready for the pledge drive, (which let’s me indulge in my obessive to-do list making), then with some luck the drive goes off without a hitch. Or at least without a hitch that completely throws us and puts the station under. Sort of reminds me of putting on a play, except afterwards we don’t have an artistic collaboration, we have a small pile of money and jazz and blues still on the air in Southern California.

After just over a month, it’s nice to be back in the van again. And nice to be back in LA. It is definitely a city that grows on you, especially if you’re able to avoid driving 7-9am or 4-8pm. There are people at work who drive 1.5-2 hrs each way everyday. I couldn’t do it. Seeing the streets of West LA at 6pm makes me happy I live in a van and have nowhere to go.

Ok, I’ve been typing with just my thumbs for a half an hour now. I’ll be very annoyed if this doesn’t post to the page like it’s supposed to.

Oh, and The Indie Travel Podcast might give me Lonely Planet books for writing this.  The podcast and website is celebrating their one year anniversary.  If you’re thinking about traveling Europe long-term, give them a listen.

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7 Responses to “Freedom!”

Colin wrote a comment on February 6, 2008

Glad to hear the Treo is working out for you. After selling you the motorcycle that promptly died I would have felt bad if the Treo turned out the same way. Good luck with being back in your van, and keep in touch!

Molly wrote a comment on February 6, 2008

As much as I kept saying that I don’t want to live in LA, I miss it now that I don’t have regular access to it (but having regular contact with LA is NOT worth having Ben live out there!).

It’s reassuring to be reminded that I’m not the only one who is a little obsessive about making lists!

Ben FrantzDale wrote a comment on February 6, 2008

Having wireless internet access sounds like the right idea. When will you be back on the road? Where to next?

Jessica wrote a comment on February 7, 2008

Colin – The Treo is working beautifully now that I’ve got the antenna well glued on.

Molly – At least you’re coming out for our class reunion. Are you just here for that or do you get some more time off for sight-seeing?

Ben – I’ll be on the road again in March. Not sure exact dates yet, but I should have a bit over two months to travel around before I’m back in LA for the reunion and for the next pledge drive. I’m thinking Northern California and Nevada next. Maybe Oregon and Washington too. Depends some on the weather, I suppose.

Molly wrote a comment on February 9, 2008

We’re flying into LAX on Thu May 1 late evening and leaving mid-day on Monday May 5. Ben has, like, NO vacation (well, that and I still have class on Tues and Thurs in early May).

Elizabeth wrote a comment on February 10, 2008

You should come visit Oregon! It’s going to be very pretty here in a month or two. Although I’m going to be in LA for Foster’s and the reunion, so don’t try to come visit me then!

Jessica wrote a comment on February 11, 2008

When is Foster’s this year? April? I’d forgotten about that.

Molly, let me know if you and Ben need a ride from LAX. I’m going to be in Santa Monica/Westwood before and after the drive, so it’s easy to get down there. But someone will have to ride in the back with no seatbelt.

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