I guess it’s summertime.

 | September 3, 2007 10:30 am

Yesterday I got off of work and it was 96 degrees outside. The day before it was 92 and the day before that 94.

Folks, I get off work at midnight.

True, it cool off a bit when I left the concrete parking structure that was radiating stored up heat from the day, but was still mid 80s all last night.

It got up to 112 yesterday afternoon. Luckily I was spending it the shade in a park with a very nice breeze.

If I could I’d head somewhere cooler. I’m wondering if once I get into the winter I’m going to be wishing for this weather. Probably not. I think I might prefer the cold to the heat.

At least while I’m still in LA I can head into work to get out of the heat. The studios at Clear Channel are always so air conditioned I have to wear a jacket.

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