More Press for Car/Van-dwelling

 | October 5, 2008 5:42 pm

I’ve been contacted by Nick Rosen to talk to him about a book he’s writing about living off-grid in America. An interesting idea, since I don’t know that I’d necessarily consider myself as living off-grid.

At any rate he’ll be in the US later this month and is looking for other people to talk to about their experiences. here’s the paragraph he wrote for me to put up here:

Nick Rosen of the Off-Grid website is in the process of writing his book “Off-Grid America”.” He will be in California through October and New York State through November and he is looking for car-dwellers, van-dwellers, in fact any sort of off-gridders who have a story to tell – most of all, what are your reasons for living off-grid, and what do you especially like (or dislike) about it? Do you have a particular philosophy of off-grid living? Where do you live off-grid? How do you live off-grid: on a homestead, in a cabin, in the city, or on wheels or water? Have you adopted all the technical advantages of renewable energy, or do you live the way people lived before there was a grid, or is it something in-between? He’d like to know what obstacles and challenges you’ve encountered along the way. Tell your reasons, your means and ways, to Nick for his new book “Off-grid America.” Contact Nick at nick (at) or 877-706-7423.

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One Response to “More Press for Car/Van-dwelling”

THE SEED wrote a comment on October 8, 2008

Well at the moment I am on an island in Puget Sound. There I can be left alone, invisable, and get access to mail, library, etc. I have been living in my van “Nestor” since 1/08. I originally started with a co-pilot who needed to bail in July for health reasons. I won’t be in CA till Jan 09. Glad I made the decision to downsize and become a gypsy, freespirit, whatever….Would love to hook up. However, if it meant to be it will.

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