| July 6, 2008 8:02 pm

I’ve been looking forward to having it rain while on the road for quite awhile and so far all I’ve gotten are a few drops in the afternoon. Tonight is a bit better. Not a proper rain yet, but a steady sprinkle that shows some promise. I only wish that I were spending the night at a campground or some place with more romance where I could curl up under my covers and listen to the pattering on the roof. Instead I’ll be in a Walmart parking lot for the night in a small town in Utah. I have been putting off getting my oil changed and it can wait no longer since this is the last town of any size I’ll be going through for at least another hundred miles and the oil light’s been on for the last 50 miles into town. Unfortunately I arrived here Saturday night and all the shops are closed on Sunday.

ahh well. It’s not as if I had any particlar plans for today beyond reading and reorganizing the car anyway. I even began sorting through some of the hundreds of pictures I’ve taken in the last week. Though I’m typing this on my phone so posting those will have to wait.

I spent the last two days at Dinosaur National Monument. Two days was enough for now but I already want to go back sometime and do more exploring on the Green River. Preferably sometime when the mosquitos aren’t so bad. I got eaten alive by them, a red ant and something else I never sawM but must have been a spider because it left a bite mark 3 or 4 times the size of a mosquito’s that still itches today.

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One Response to “Rain”

jack wrote a comment on July 7, 2008

Urgggg…can’t stand mosquitos. Do you have repellant? Yeah, it would be nice to see some pics.



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