The first two weeks.

 | July 14, 2007 9:11 pm

Ok. I’ve been out of the apartment for two weeks and finally getting around to posting. It’s been a crazy busy two weeks at work getting ready for the pledge drive at KJAZZ. So life in the van has been going well. I have found a number of things that I need do differently. For one, I had all this food at the apartment that I thought I’d be making at campgrounds in the evenings. Problem is, no campgrounds. All the campgrounds in LA county have been reserved for basically the rest of the summer. So it’s urban camping for me and it’s a bit hard to stay stealthy when you’ve got a camp stove cooking soup in the Ralphs parking lot.

So I have crazy amounts of canned soup sitting in the van that I can’t really make except at work. At any rate for the first couple days the van was a bit of a mess as I had just poured the last of my stuff in the apartment into the van. Now I’ve got a couple drawers that make the whole place feel more organized.

The last week has been spent at work. Basically I’ve done nothing but work or sleep so I don’t don’t really feel like lately I’ve been actually doing much living in the van, just sleeping. That will continue for the next week. Eventually I’ll get to actually doing more interesting things.

I did go to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library for the 4th of July. I’d been planning on going to the beach or hanging out at a campground relaxing, but like I said, no campgrounds. So I drove around till I thought of something to do for the fourth. They had some stuff doing on for the holiday. It was exactly the sort of thing I plan on doing for the trip. Random museums that I run into. Actually I will probably hit all presidential libraries. History is good.

And of course I’m still looking for suggestions of places to go.

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4 Responses to “The first two weeks.”

Carrot wrote a comment on July 22, 2007

Yay! You did it!

If you had a SmartMug you could cook your soup in the van. :)


Jessica wrote a comment on July 23, 2007

I do actually! But dad forgot to bring it up with him when we traded cars. I’m planning on going down to San Diego next week and I’ll get it then.

They also have a cooler that plugs into the ciggy-lighter, and he forgot that too.

He also didn’t take the back seats out. I’m looking forward to getting those out so I can put my drawers under the bed.

I’m definitely looking forward to getting the van more settled.

Carrot wrote a comment on July 26, 2007

Cool! Unless your cooler thing is cooler than my cooler thing, it’ll need to be supplemented with ice, but the ice’ll stay frozen longer than a regular cooler.

I hope your going to take pictures of the evolution of your van? I wish I had…

(btw, if you enabled anonymous comments people might comment more – it sucks having to sign in with my email address instead of my website)

Jessica wrote a comment on July 27, 2007

Good call. Commenting changed. And I’m sure I will need ice.

I will be taking pictures, but I wanted to wait until I got the seats taken out and it looked a little better. :)

I did discover today that a nice fan will be even more important than I originally thought. I knew I’d need to do it eventually, but I’ve managed to be sitting in air conditioned offices up to now and forgot about it.

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