Other stops on the road

Vandwelling, Car-living. Both blogs and informational sites:

  • Cheap RV Living – An excellent site that includes information about vandwelling.
  • Hobo Stripper – She travels in a van AND she dances naked. What more could you want in a blogger?
  • Falia Photography – Sold her house and moved to a van. Lots of very cool pictures.
  • Car Living – Website for the book by the same name. Tons of practical information.
  • 721 Sandwiches – Another vandweller, (although he’s in an apartment at the moment). Great writing. Always very entertaining.

Travel in general. Both blogs and informational sites:

  • The Indie Travel Podcast – A couple traveling Europe on the cheap. Lots of great links. A model of the informational site I’d like my own website to be when it grows up. I’m also a big fan because they let me write a monthly article for them. Check out the Articles’ page to read them.
  • I’m So Cool Right Now – A friend of mine who is currently working in Antarctica. I am extremely jealous.
  • A Year in Europe – Another good travel podcasts/blog from a couple traveling in Europe. They’ve just finished their year in Europe, but I’m hoping there’ll be more.
  • Adventure Cycling – An excellent and well-established organization focused on cycle touring. Extremely helpful if you’re planning a long distant trip in the US. A great resource for maps and guides.
  • Rails to Trails – A non-profit conservatory dedicated to turning old abandoned railroad rails into trails for hiking and biking. I
  • Roadtrip America – Awesome site for finding interesting stops on the road. Also has a section of travelblogs.
  • Roadtrip USA – Great site based on the book series by the same name. Places to visit organized by road or type of stop.
  • Jamie Jensen’s blog – Author of Roadtrip USA
  • America’s Byways – A nice overview of the National Byways of the US.
  • GORP – Geared towards adventure travel and the outdoor crowd. Always has great stuff.
  • Hamburger America – The author of the book and the documentary of the same name blogs about, you guessed it, hamburgers in America.
  • The government pages for the National Parks
  • RV Travel – Excellent set of webpages for RVers. I like their email newsletters for the tips on places to visit.
  • Fulltime RVer – Related to RV Travel pages. Also good for finding interesting places to visit.

Other cool sites:

  • The Dirtbag Diaries – Kickass podcast of stories of adventures. Rock climbing, mountain treking, biking across South America… Even if those are not the sort of things you’re interested in check it out. Very well crafted. It’s by far the best homemade podcast I’ve found.
  • Roman Sturgis – A good friend of mine and excellent writer who puts his stories up on his website. Starting to podcast recordings of them as well.
  • Radio Lab – In my opinion, the best show on the radio. Check out the podcast and thank me later.
  • This Week in Science – Another great radio show. A fun look at what’s happening in science each week.
  • Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity – Follow along as “Jack” leaves his highly-paid job as a lawyer and sheds his possessions looking for a simpler, more fulfilling life.

I plan on expanding the resources page of this site a great deal. If you have any websites that you like (or run) on travel or history, let me know. jessica@ayearinacar.com

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2 Responses to “Other stops on the road”

Zest wrote a comment on May 27, 2008

you might want to update the carliving.com to the one you’re really trying to link to carliving.net

Jessica wrote a comment on May 27, 2008

Hi Zest,

Interesting. Actually that’s a whole different site. Carliving.com must no longer exist. It was the website for the book by A. Jane Heim. A book with more stories than practical information. Doesn’t seem to exist anymore (the website, not the book.)

I didn’t know about carliving.net, though I do have that book as well. Much more practical information in that book.

Thanks for the note. I’ve changed it to link to that one.

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